LED Sign Basics: Pitch, Pixels and Matrix Size

The quality and readability of an LED sign are primarily determined by three things; pitch, pixels, and matrix size. Understanding these three elements, and how they work together, are vital to making sure you get a quality LED sign that will meet your needs. Continue reading

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7 Tips to Create a Great Business Sign

sevenThe key to creating a great business sign is ask sign makers in your area about which qualities make a good sign. Opinions will vary, of course, but a handful of bright nuggets will shine through. Next, a tour of the business community will help in seeing the signs that attract attention and say something of value. Looking through the yellow pages is also a valuable resource for judging sign quality. Some yellow page ads stand out while others don’t.

In general, seven different factors stand out in creating a great business sign:

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Brighten Up Your Storefront

If you want to brighten up your storefront, there are more cheap sign choices than ever before. The right signs can invite customers to your door, add revenue, and improve your business image.

Neon signs, with their bright colors and attractive graphic design, offer a way to advertise your business in a permanent and long-lasting way. Neon signs are usually for a single purpose, such as branding a business in the eyes of the public or advertising a unique facet of the business. For instance, a restaurant might choose to create a neon sign that imprints a positive image in the minds of the public, or it may choose a neon sign to advertise its main dish, popular desert or interesting alcoholic beverages.  Continue reading

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What the SBA says about Programmable LED Signs

According to the SBA, small businesses that employed programmable LED signs enjoyed increases in sales from fifteen to over one-hunded and fifty percent.  Aside from generating  a phenomenal return on a modest investment, LED signs cost very little when compared to more traditional forms of advertising. The average cost for 1000 impressions (views), using an LED sign, is roughly 1/10th of the cost when compared directly to advertising on radio, Television, or even print media like newspapers or magazines.

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Signs Drive Small Business

Small BusinessBrick and mortar businesses need to draw in customers through advertising. Being in a popular location is not always enough to ensure that sales goals are met. Some small businesses feel that their marketing budget will not allow them to try television or lengthy radio promotions. Many owners are hesitant to try new ways of advertising; for fear that an immediate return in income is not possible. Using advertising dollars wisely is the best way to market the business for immediate results. Here are some ways to use signs to increase business. Continue reading

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An overview of Neon Signs

neon signsWhile most of our site is focused on LED signs, LED signs actually wouldn’t exist without Neon. Neon was the original “illuminated” sign, and LED signs were invented largely to address some of the common shortcomings of neon, like weight, energy consumption, and the fragile nature of glass tubes. Neon signs are illuminated, like LED signs, but are constructed from glass tubes filled with a specific type of gas. The glass tubes are heated and bent into shapes, words, company logos and other types of decorative advertising designs. Continue reading

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LED Business Signs…worth it?

led business signThe question, of course, is what do semi conducting diodes have to do
with your business, assuming that you are not in the business of selling
semi conducting diodes. The answer is that they might have a whole lot
to do with your business, because they’re what are behind LED business
signs, which are one of the best ways to advertise your business. Continue reading

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LED Signs for your Bakery

bakeryOne of the biggest challenges for anyone running a bakery is getting
people’s attention, and LED bakery signs can be one of the biggest and
most effective tools to accomplish this. Big, bright and affordable for
any bakery, LED signs are often overlooked as an effective method for
marketing your business. Continue reading

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Choosing a Programmable LED Sign

programmable-led-signGetting ready to buy a programmable LED sign?  Here’s a few tips on how to choose the right one.  The first step is to choose the type of programmable sign you need:

Select the Type of Programmable LED Sign

Programmable signs come in three basic types:  Indoor , Semi-Outdoor, and Outdoor:

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Income Tax Neon Signs For Advertising

An accounting firm is a unique type of business.  A tax preparer offers their skills for individuals that may have difficult issues with income taxes and those customers happily pay for the service rendered. Just like all other kind of businesses out there, accounting firms also need to attract clients and the obvious thing to do is to advertise the company. When you are a certified public accountant, you have all the knowledge and expertise required to perform accounting, but you may not have all the marketing experience required.

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