Brighten Up Your Storefront

If you want to brighten up your storefront, there are more cheap sign choices than ever before. The right signs can invite customers to your door, add revenue, and improve your business image.

Neon signs, with their bright colors and attractive graphic design, offer a way to advertise your business in a permanent and long-lasting way. Neon signs are usually for a single purpose, such as branding a business in the eyes of the public or advertising a unique facet of the business. For instance, a restaurant might choose to create a neon sign that imprints a positive image in the minds of the public, or it may choose a neon sign to advertise its main dish, popular desert or interesting alcoholic beverages. 

LED signs are another way to bring attention and focus to your storefront. They have become increasingly popular, and there’s a reason. They are computerized, which means they are programmable. For flexibility, LED signs cannot be beat.

A programmable LED sign can change as often as you like. This allows you to use it for multiple goals. Obviously, it allows you to offer sales and specials. By offering multiple sale items, you will interest more patrons. LED signs have come down in price as they have moved from being a novelty to being a common business item.

Notifying the public of new products is another use. A business might introduce a new line of clothing. A hair salon might announce the arrival of a new stylist. A restaurant might announce new menu items. A craft store might announce the dates and times of do-it-yourself classes. Social groups might use them to announce special programs. Repair shops might offer phone numbers for after-hours service calls.

A programmable message sign also offers the chance to use personalize greetings to reach the public. While it scrolls through sales items, the sign can seem to speak directly to its readers. “Don’t forget the time change this weekend.” “Happy Spring.” “Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs….” “Welcome Convention-Goers.” “Way to Win, Bulldogs.” Consumers appreciate a business that seems involved in the community. You can even reach out to the public by offering to make public service announcements for local charities, civic organizations or schools.

Once an outdoor sign brightens up your storefront, more customers will see you and, hopefully, respond to your invitation to “Come on in.”

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