LED Business Signs…worth it?

led business signThe question, of course, is what do semi conducting diodes have to do
with your business, assuming that you are not in the business of selling
semi conducting diodes. The answer is that they might have a whole lot
to do with your business, because they’re what are behind LED business
signs, which are one of the best ways to advertise your business.

Advertising, the art of getting to people to know that your business
exists and, hopefully, actually give you money to do what it is you, has
never been more important. Unfortunately, it’s also never been more
difficult to get people’s attention, the crucial first step in turning a
random stranger into a valued customer.

Frankly, a static sign is unlikely to cut it. Unless you come up with
some kind of brilliant design that captures people’s attention and turns
their head, a simple sign advertising your business is not going to
bring in new customers and build your business. This isn’t to say they
don’t have value, because you need them to give people a sense of where
you are and what you do.

But for attention getting purposes, regular signs are sub optimal, which
is where light emitting diodes can be a handy little trick. An LED
business sign can actually make a significant difference in your bottom
line, but you need to know what you’re doing to get the best results
from them.

The science behind LED lights is complex and, if you’re not a physicist,
fairly boring, but what you need to know that they are small, they are
incredibly bright and they are extraordinarily energy efficient, all of
which are going to very useful to the small business owner.

The primary appeal of the LED business sign is that they are relatively
inexpensive to buy, extremely cheap to run and very flexible. What they
allow you to do is out some life into your sign. Unlike your typical
sign, you can animate these puppies, and that absolutely will get people
looking at what you are trying to sell them.

Call it something that we have left over from lizard brain, or a reflex
generated by thousands of years of booking it away from sabretooths
looking for a midnight snack, but we are naturally attracted to things
that move. They capture our attention, and for a small business owner,
that’s a precious commodity.

They are also bright and colorful which is also helpful in attracting
attention. You can have them change at preset intervals, adding novelty
to the mix. All of this is why LED signs for business are so effective at
getting people to take notice of your business. While this kind of
notice isn’t the end all and be all of your business, it is an

Your service and product are what ultimately turn a potential customer
into an actual customer, but you first need to get them in the door.
There are many ways to do this, but few are as effective or as flexible
for the money as LED business signs.

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