LED Signs for your Bakery

bakeryOne of the biggest challenges for anyone running a bakery is getting
people’s attention, and LED bakery signs can be one of the biggest and
most effective tools to accomplish this. Big, bright and affordable for
any bakery, LED signs are often overlooked as an effective method for
marketing your business.

Industrial baking hasn’t been good for either bakeries or the public,
although the true extent of this is hard to see. There was a time not
too long ago when all bread was either home made or came from the local
bakery, and back then hardly any advertising was needed, much less
something LED bakery signs.

This was down to simple necessity. Bread, in its natural state, is not
something that has a hugely long shelf life, and until recently, trucks
didn’t really move fast enough to transport it effectively. This meant
that the local bakery has all the business they wanted, just by being a
bakery. LED signs hadn’t been invented yet, but there was no real need
for that kind of advertising.

What somebody realized was that if they were able to increase the shelf
life of bread, they could turn it into a mass production exercise. Soon,
enough, this was exactly what happened, and people were able to get
bread at their grocery store at prices no bakery could compete with. For
the first time, bakers really did need to advertise. This went all the
way from flash advertisements to LED bakery signs.

There was a secondary effect that was more insidious and did even more
damage to the baking business. What it did was condition people to
accept sub standard bread, so that they didn’t, in many cases, even
realize what they are missing. Bakery bread is superior to store bought
bread in any number of ways, but people have become so used to the
substandard stuff that they don’t think to purchase it. You need to get
them to look at your bakery; LED signs are one very effective way to do

The very step in the process in acquiring new customers is making them
aware that you exist, and this is true for a barbershop or a bakery. LED
signs are extremely bright and very eye catching, so they break through
people’s natural attention barrier to get them to notice your business.
If you want to really get people’s attention, you can even get animated
LED bakery signs.

People are naturally attracted to movement and novelty, so if your sign
flashes the daily special, then a lot more people are going to take
notice of your bakery. LED signs are just one tool, but they are a
highly effective one. One you get people’s attention, it’s your culinary
greatness that is going to turn a curious passerby into a life long

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