Signs Drive Small Business

Small BusinessBrick and mortar businesses need to draw in customers through advertising. Being in a popular location is not always enough to ensure that sales goals are met. Some small businesses feel that their marketing budget will not allow them to try television or lengthy radio promotions. Many owners are hesitant to try new ways of advertising; for fear that an immediate return in income is not possible. Using advertising dollars wisely is the best way to market the business for immediate results. Here are some ways to use signs to increase business.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs can be used to upgrade the current store sign design. Smaller signs can be placed around the perimeter of the property. Signs can be used in grassy areas at the end of parking lots or near main intersections. The sign can display a certain sale or confirm store hours and location.

Programmable LED Signs

Programmable led signs can be updated as needed. These signs can be programmed to be used inside of the store or in store windows. Signs can be brought to trade shows, fairs, open air market, and any event where the business has a booth or a table. Multiple signs can be placed in different areas of the store. These signs can answer commonly asked questions or alert shoppers of unadvertised sales and specials.

How to Use Signage

According to the International sign Association signs are tools for business models that rely on frequent or impulse needs. Businesses that sell perishable items like flowers, groceries, drinks, are not the only types of businesses that have impulse buyers. Uniform stores that service the needs of nursing or dental students can use special promotional signs during certain times of year to attract students to buy. There are always opportunities for impulse sales. Many people have been meaning to purchase something, and the sign may be just what they need to see to bring them into the store.

Important information that is pertinent to making a buying decision should be clearly displayed on the sign. Short, eye catching, keyword rich signs will engage people to stop and come inside the business if they want the product or service that is being offered.

The Importance of your Signs

The United States Census Bureau has determined that at least 18% of households in America relocate annually. Signs work by continually drawing in new customers that are constantly moving into the area. It is challenging to find specialty shops, service businesses, and shops that are not on a main road when moving into a new area

Service based businesses should use signs to advertise specials that are time sensitive. Salon or spa based customers will be more apt to come in and receive services at discount prices. Service businesses looking to increase their clientele may run specials in hopes of landing repeat business. Smaller signs that can be sign from oncoming traffic or those who are walking by can be changed frequently or as needed.

Specials that occur on a certain day of the week are great for boosting mid week sales. This is a good way alert senior citizens, give discounts for certain employers, military, school teachers, police officers, or university students.

Next Steps

Think of ways that signs can be used in the current marketing plan of the business. The money used on signs can be quickly recouped with the first few sales that the signs attract. Including the company logo and using bold text that read from left to right can help give the sign its best change for being understood during the first glance. Test sign designs to see which ones attract the most customers. If creating a sign feels intimidating hire a marketing consultant to help with sign creation and keyword rich phrases to use on programmable led signs.


Signs drive small business by creating more opportunities for sales. Experiment with sign placement and ads to see which ones are the most effective. Use these tips to benefit from using signs.

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