What the SBA says about Programmable LED Signs

According to the SBA, small businesses that employed programmable LED signs enjoyed increases in sales from fifteen to over one-hunded and fifty percent.  Aside from generating  a phenomenal return on a modest investment, LED signs cost very little when compared to more traditional forms of advertising. The average cost for 1000 impressions (views), using an LED sign, is roughly 1/10th of the cost when compared directly to advertising on radio, Television, or even print media like newspapers or magazines.

When compared apples-to-apples, no other type of advertising is as cost-effective as an outdoor scrolling message LED sign:

  • Television Advertising – On average, the cost is $6 per 1000 impressions.
  • Radio – From $4.50 to $5.50 for 1000 impressions.
  • Newspapers -$7 to $8 per 1000 impressions
  • Outdoor Scrolling LED display – $1 or less for 1000 impressions.

How did we come to that “one dollar” figure? Suppose you spend $20k on a reasonably-sized outdoor LED display. The typical life span is 5 years or so, and cost per day is then about $10. If the daily vehicle traffic is 10,000 cars (very conservative), your cost would be about a dollar per 1000 impressions.

To illustrate the concept, consider a small business that generates $2k per day in gross revenue.   Suppose they install a programmable LED sign. Using the conservative estimate of a 15% rise in revenue, they’ll enjoy an extra $399 per day in total sales. Over a week’s time, that’s $2,100.00, and about $110k for the entire year. Making a direct comparison to print or online media, that’s a terrific “CPM” ( cost per 1000 impressions ).

Additionally, with a programmable LED sign, you won’t waste money by hitting the wrong demographic, which is a real risk with radio or television  advertising.  You’ll also avoid costly production, design and graphic expenses associated with not only radio and TV, but also with printed media like newspapers and magazines.

Since you own the sign, you  own the advertising medium. A programmable sign works 24/7, every day of the year. And, it speaks directly to your potential customers, right as they walk by your location.  If you select the right sign, your business will also stand out as a visible landmark.

And, since it is a “capital” piece of equipment, you don’t have to pay the full cost up-front.  Most LED sign sellers offer financing or leasing, and you can roll in the cost of scheduled maintenance and service.  With the right lease terms, you may find that the payoff is immediate.

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